We Buy HI Khukuris

We buy Himalayan Imports khukuris in any condition from brand new to literally just the blade.  It doesn't matter if the handle is cracked or missing, the blade is rusty or the sheath is missing.

If you have one or more that you would like to sell, please send us an email at info@roninsgrips.com with at least 4 clear photos (close up of each side of the blade and each side of the handle), a description and your asking price.  At least one of the photos must clearly show the HI engravings on one side - ideally the side with the kami mark near the base of the handle.

Please note that we only buy HI khukuris and their various knives and swords.  We are not interested in any other brands or makers.

When the blade arrives, we will send you an email confirming receipt, inspect it and provided it is the model and condition that we discussed, then send you the agreed upon amount via your preference of: Paypal, bank money order or company check.
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