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We are profoundly impressed by the quality of the Himalayan Imports khukuris and also how they are trying to help the kamis in Nepal.  The work started by Bill Martino (Uncle Bill) and carried on by his wife (Yangdu) after his passing is remarkable.

At Ronin's Grips, we do not represent HI in any way but we are definitely proud fans of their firm today.  If you are looking for a traditional khukuri, a special model perhaps or want to order direct, please visit their website at:

In addition, their website is a treasure trove of information about khukuris, their care, the founding of their factory (Bir Ghorka) and more.  If you want to reach Yangdu directly, her email is:

Please bear in mind Ronin's Grips and Himalayan Imports are two separate firms.  So if you see something on our website, please email us.
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