The following are reviews and comments about our grips:

"I just got the grip [a Russian AK74 mold 77/2]. This thing is perfect. Thanks a lot for offering this service. Before this, we had limited choices and could not keep the "look" we wanted. You're awesome." -- kracken 6/4/11

Quality and attention to detail are what we have come to expect from George, but this new grip fills a big gap in the after market parts arena for the VZ58. The ergonomics of the grip are perfect. The extra length and added weight of the grip just feel right in the hand, I don't feel like I have a little Smith & Wesson J frame revolver grip on my rifle anymore. To me the rifle feels more balanced, if you know what I mean." -- will6970

"Got one of Ronin's M70 Grips and I must say outstanding!"
-- 04ZREX

"The grips are much more then the original ones. I would have to say they are very much worth the money spent." --Zazale
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