The AK, Galil and vz.58 rifle communities have been very generous in supporting us. The following are a few resources that we hope will help people in varying stages of their journey.

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Recommended Vendors
We've all been in the position of needing parts and wondering where to turn.  These are all vendors that we personally have dealt with and recommend:
  • 2A Finishing - All kinds of custom wood finishing for firearms.  Their gallery of work done is very cool.
  • Ace Riflestocks - They make LEO/Mil-grade stocks for ARs, AKs and other rifles.  I have used a number of their stocks over the years.  They are now part of J&T Distributing and still turning out great products.
  • AIM Surplus - Sells surplus firearms, magazines and ammunition.
  • AK-Builder- Curtis is the premier tool maker for the AK family of rifles.  His flats, receiver parts and now rifle kits are all top notch.
  • Ammoman - source for bulk ammo.  Lots of good reviews.
  • Apex Gun Parts - They bring in parts kits and have many individual parts for sales.  Definitely a regular go-to place for ComBloc parts.
  • Bonesteel Arms - Great guy to deal with and an expert on vz.58 rifles.  I've both bought parts and had him add a tab to my vz.58 bolt carrier, which he did a great job on.
  • Centerfire Systems - Sell new and surplus firearms, parts and ammunition.  Have done business with them for years!
  • CNC Warrior - Does a lot of machined products such as muzzle brakes.
  • Copes Distributing - Another favorite site in terms of parts kits, ammunition and gun parts in general.  Have done business with them for years!
  • Czechpoint - a very good source for vz.58 parts.  The most comprehensive selection that I have found in the US.
  • Enco - Very good source for competitively priced cutting tools and supplies.  Be sure to read their hot deal supplement for great prices on drill bits, end mills, etc.
  • Ironwood Designs - Makers of high quality wood furniture for AK rifles.  If you need new wood, you will not find better than these guys!
  • J&G Distributing- They are a great source for surplus firearms and ammo.
  • John Norrell Arms- The makers of Molyresin - an excellent weapons finish.
  • K-VAR - A great source of Bulgarian parts.  Their furniture is top notch - if you are looking for polymer US-made furniture, definitely check them out.
  • Kalinka Optics- A very good source for Eastern European optics and mounts.
  • MD Arms - Solid Saiga accessories.   Their version of the Molot grip with finger grooves is very well done.
  • NoDak Spud - These gentlemen make a variety of AK receivers that are heat treated, finished and ready to go.
  • Primary Arms- They import reasonably priced and very reliable red dot scopes.  We use a couple of their Comp M4 clones.
  • StormWerkz- Make a variety of stock adapters.
  • Two Rivers Arms - makers of exceptionally well made replica Iraqi Tabuk rifles.
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