Grips and Furniture

Welcome to Ronin's Grips where we hand build pistol grips for the AK, Czech vz and IMI Galil rifles.  Not only do they count as 922r compliance parts because they are made in the USA but they are high quality and help you create an heirloom quality rifle with the grips of your choice.

Our product line spans designs from Bulgaria all the way to Yugoslavia!  No other US grip manufacturer offers the breadth of model and color combinations we do!

Our pistol grips and polymer furniture parts in general are hand made from a special high-performance fiberglass reinforced urethane plastic to create durable high-strength designs based on original grips. 

Due to variations across AK models and how they are assembled, please assume that all furniture we sell may require fitting with a Dremel, file, etc.

Because all of our grips, handguards and buttstocks are made entirely in the United States, all of them qualify as 922(r) compliance parts. 

To see our products and place an order, please visit our store at:

We very much appreciate your stopping by our website.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at with questions or email us photos of our grips to include in our customer gallery.
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