We are asked a lot of questions about our grips.  The intent of this page is to try and address the frequently asked questions.

Do your grips qualify as 922(r) compliance parts?
Yes, all Ronin's Grips are made in the USA.  They are labeled "RG" or "US" and soon all grip models will have "US" in them.  The "US" is cast on top out of sight to maintain the original looks of the grip.  If needed, the grip can be removed and the identifier shown.  To be clear 922(r) does not have a labeling requirement specifying the part must say "US" but we are moving to "US" on all grips to remove doubts.

Will you ship internationally?
Sorry, but due to liability issues, we will only ship in the United States.  No foreign orders will be processed without exception.

What are your grips made of?

The grips are made of a high-performance polyurethane plastic.  The compressive and flexural strengths exceed 8,000PSI and will not deform until close to 260F.

How are they made?
The grips are cast using a proprietary process that we developed that results in high-strength affordable grips.

Why are your grips solid?
The materials and processes we use work best with thicker walls.  This makes our grips extremely strong plus heavier than the originals.  We actually cast the grips with the the majority of the body as a solid block and then drill out the screw holes to maximize strength.

Why not use injection molding?

Injection molding is an excellent process but requires that a $9-12,000 die be built that is then used in the molding process.  Given the limited demand of the specialized AK grips, this level of investment for each of our products is not cost effective.  We are confident that our design and process results in high quality reliable grips.

Are they exact copies of the originals?
In short, the answer is "no".  There are two reasons for this.  First, our grips are cast as solid blocks and then the screw holes are drilled.  Second, the coloring, hand sanding and polishing are done by hand.  The resulting colors and shapes are close.  With that said, there is tremendous variation from grip to grip with the originals and many that are available in the US now are very beat up.  Our grips are in far better shape.

Is the color an exact match?
With the black grips, we are very, very close.  The biggest challenge are the colored grips - especially when the originals were made with bakelite.  You see, bakelite is a composite material and often the "color" the eye sees is  the result of several different colored materials being blended together.  Our grips use a specialized urethane coloring dye that is manually added to the plastic and then distributes envenly through the plastic during mixing.  It can't duplicate the mottled colors of the original grips - vz.58, Romy, Polish and Russian 77/2 Izhmash grips are all examples where exact color matching is not possible.

Can you do custom colors?
No.  The urethane plastic we use is off-white to begin with and this makes color matching a challenge.  We do all of our coloring by hand.  New colors are developed by trial and error and the results recorded for future use.  We simply can not do custom colors or guarantee an exact - there are just too many variables.

Why do they cost so much?

Our grips are made one at a time by hand - they are not mass produced.   People buy our grips for the looks, strength and quality - not on the basis of price.

Do you have repeat sales?
Yes.  We are very proud of the fact that we have quite a bit of repeat business as this indicates people are happy with our products.

Why do I need to wait to get the grips I ordered?
Because we build grips one at a time.  Sometime we have inventory on hand but most of the time we have a queue of orders that we are constantly working on.

How many people work at Ronin's Grips?
It is me and my wife at this point.  I do the engineering and casting.  She does a lot of the buffing, polishing and QA.  If she finds a mistake, trust me, she let's me know!!

Why does Ronin's wife put up with him?
He has no idea - especially since he started talking about himself in the third-person :-)

How can I make the grip's finish dull?
Our grips are polished using a wax finish.  If you want to make it dull, spray the grip with brake cleaner and it will "knock down" the polish instantly.  Some folks use 0000 steel wool either after the brake cleaner or in place of it entirely.

How can I slightly change the tint of the grips?
People wanting to slightly change the coloring of the grip can use the wax-based polish of their choice ranging from shoe polish to car polish.  Follow the directions to apply and then buff.

How can I fix a scratch in my grip?
The grips are made with a machinable plastic.  Use sandpaper to remove the scratch and then use finer and finer sandpaper up to 1000-2000 grit.  Remove the final fine scratches by using a plastic polish, such as those used for car headlights, such as Plastix, or specialty plastic polishes, such as Novus.  After we buff our grips, we use a wax based polish to get the final finish.

Can I change the shape of my grip?
The plastic is definitely machinable.   A belt sander or disc sander can remove a lot of material very quickly.  Use it to get close and then by hand to finalize the shape.  See the above question about scratches to finish your grip.

How can I add or change the texture of my grip?
Customers have used soldering irons and Dremel-type tools to add textures.  Applying a spray on bedliner is another option but be certain to give it plenty of time (2-3 days at least) to fully cure before you use the grip.
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