Care of Khukuris

Khukuris are cool blades but they do need to be cared for.  The handle and steel blade need to be cared for plus the blade sharpened.  The traditional wood and leather sheath needs care as well.

George's basic tips:
  • The blade is carbon steel.  Keep it oiled or use a corrosion inhibitor such as Tuf-Cloth.  I use Tuf-Cloth Marine on many of my khukuris and 30 weight oil on others.

  • For the wood handle it really depends on what I am trying to do.
    • To stabilize the handle, I use Rennaisance Microcrystaline Wax
    • To clean up a wood handle, I either use Tung Oil or Boiled Linseed Oil (BLO)
    • To hydrate a horn handle, I use horse hoof conditioner from  my local farm supply store.
  • For the sheath, to stabilize it, I use Rennaisance Microcrystaline Wax.  To hydrate it, I use whatever leather shoe/harness conditioner I have on hand.
  • Note, for Kydex sheaths, some luster can be recovered with a cloth and WD-40.  I also use blue (medium strength) LocTite on screws to keep them from coming loose.

The following pages contain guidance to help:

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